Sonntag, 7. Juni 2009

GSOC week2 and Hello Planet

Since this is the first post that hoepfully gets aggregated on Planet KDE a big Hello to everybody reading this over there. I am a GSOC student working on KFormula (the formula editor of KOffice). Everything about my project can be read in my last post.

So since already two weeks of GSOC passed without me blogging it is time for a status update. I am quite well in my schedule. There is navigation code now for almost all elements except Sub-/Superscript and Under-/overscript because they have some minor loading problems. avigation in formulas is quite complicated because you don't just have a linear structure like in text but a 2 dimensional one that consists of nested sub expressions. Consider the following example


When I press left, where should the cursor go? Behind the 1 or the 2 (I put it after the 2 and when the cursor is before the fraction and has to move right, I place it before the 1, but this is an relativelyvarbitrary choice).

The last days I worked on selection support. Now it is possible to select elements by clicking with the mouse while holding shift pressed, dragging with the mouse and by moving the cursor with the keyboard while holding shift pressed. A short demonstration can be seen in the following screencast:

The next week I plan to do some refactoring, implement cursor movement by double clicking and implement insertion and deletion at least for elements.

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