Sonntag, 7. Juni 2009

KOffice Developer Meeting

I am just back from the KOffice Developer Meeting in Berlin, hosted by the nice folks at KDAB. Jaroslaw, Hanna and Alexandra already blogged about it. Since this was my first open source developer meeting and I am pretty new to the team, it was a very interesting experience. And I have to say, the koffice developers are an extremly nice bunch of people. Meeting all of them in person instead of only knowing them form IRC lets you feel to be a part of the team much more. On Friday there was mostly individual hacking until most people arrived, followed by a dinner in a nice Indian/Singapurian place.

On Saturday many interesting presentations about change tracking, the library organization, the next release, ... Better check out Hannas blog. A lot of hacking and discussion in the evening again, I got fixed a bug in the picture shape (in around 5 minutes after I posted it, thanks Marijn). I myself fixed some bugs in the way the formula shape uses flake, it is really good to have some experts sitting nearby. As a big surprise some guys from Nokia were there and four of us got free N810s. Thanks some much, what a cool device. Today again hacking and discussion, I left relatively early, while sitting in the train home to Dresden I added the ability to select text in the formula shape by double clicking. One item off from my todo list.

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